A senior rep is a super happy, fun, outgoing, high school senior who has an amazing personality and who has a super positive attitude that loves, loves, loves being in front of the camera! They want to encourage and support other girls in their senior class. But not only that, they also have a well-rounded head on their shoulders and can take on the responsibility of representing Kaylee Julianna Photography. So here are the details. Read carefully!




Preparation Materials

Custom Photoshoot Design

Unlimited Wardrobe Changes

Fully Guided Individual Photo Sessions (2)

Senior Rep Group Session (1)

Digital Rep Card With Personal Images

Chance to Win Cash Rewards For Referrals




Must be Graduating in 2019

Be Willing to Share Photo Experience With Friends

Participate In Group AND Individual Photoshoots

Pay $300.00 Fee at Meet And Greet. This Fee Covers ALL Sessions Included as a Senior Rep (Valued At $795.00)

Agree to ONLY Represent Kaylee Julianna Photography for the 2018-2019 School Year

You Are Responsible for Sending Kaylee Julianna Photography a Minimum of 3 Referrals. These Referrals Must Book, Pay for, and Complete Their Senior Session by May 2019.

If Minimum of 3 Referrals is NOT Met, You Will Be Responsible to Pay the Balance of Each Session Completed Throughout the Year if You Were to Have Paid WITHOUT the Senior Rep Discount ($250 Will Remain for Each Rep)